Owner Chloe Roberts is an EEBW Practioner (2013) & Equine K-Taping Therapist specialising in rehabilitation.

Equine rehab complements veterinary medicine much the same way that human physical therapy complements human medicine. Its methods are used to diagnose and treat both chronic conditions, like back pain, and acute injuries and lamenesses. They also help to speed up surgical recoveries.
Equine rehab can address anything from tendon and ligament injuries to restricted joint mobility, bone and tissue healing, inflammation, neurological conditions, injury prevention and even the effects of ageing.

Starlight Lane offers tailor made rehabilitation packages to aid your horse’s recovery journey. We cover a variety of programmes suited to:

  • Tendon Injuries
  • Post Op Treatment – i.e., colic surgery
  • Wound Care Management
  • Temporary rest periods for minor strains, etc.

Kindly be advised that we do not diagnose or prescribe any medication / treatments. All our programmes will require veterinary consultation and where required, the inclusion of other practitioners such as farriers, dentists, chiropractors, physiotherapists, body workers and so on. All therapy work will be supervised, and regular assessments will be conducted.

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