Do you ever wonder what your horse is up to when you’re not around?

We’ve installed cameras in the entire yard (stables, arena and paddocks) to keep you and your property and animals safer, and give you peace of mind. As well as catching those super cute snoozy moments (as well as your first trot, canter, flying change or jump for posterity!)

Paddock Time!

Did you know that we have a little weatherman in the yard ~ his name is Billy (the horse on the left hand side of the video).

He’s one of the most relaxed Thoroughbreds that you’ll come across but long before a storm, you’ll find him doing his regular extra big bucks and rocking horse canter for a couple minutes and then he’ll settle. True to his behavior, within the day or evening we’ll have a monstrosity of a storm ☔️

#meetweathermanbilly #moreaccuratethanthenewsreport 🤣

Posted by Starlight Lane Stables on Wednesday, 11 November 2020